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Planking Challenge (Total Skills Test)

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The Planking Challenge is well known but this one involves holding the plank position against the clock, but having the option to “gamble” and earn extra points by hitting an intermittent light sensor – and risking losing your balance!

  • 2.5m long x 1m wide
  • Timed Challenge

– try to maintain position for 30 seconds

– light array in front add score if lights hit

  • Branding Space – 2.5m 1 x 1m w
  • Floor mats with sensors
  • Scoreboard – 1.7m h x 0.3m w
  • Integral Magnetic Scoreboard for scores
  • Integral 7” Flat Screen

-Start / Stop Function

-Activity Choice

-Music and Effects

-Client / Sponsor Logo

-Video Function Available

-BlueTooth Functionality for Scoring