Try wheelchair tennis at TGBSS
Try wheelchair tennis at TGBSS

Try wheelchair tennis at TGBSS

I am really excited to be writing this as I have just met with Grant and heard all about TGBSS, it sounds like it will be a really fun weekend and I can’t wait, only a few weeks to go..

Would you like to try wheelchair tennis at TGBSS? I will have a couple of sports wheelchairs, you can test your skills at tennis or try a speed and accuracy course in the chair. I will also have a selection of colourful tennis kit, which includes juggle squares, balls that stick onto smiley faces, hand paddles, soft squidgy bright coloured balls, small rackets and nets. Not your traditional racket and yellow balls! Anyone can have fun, even if they have very little movement, as I can adapt to everyone’s abilities.

Getting people involved, having fun and making friends is the important part of a “tennis” session and then comes being active and learning a new skill and improving your tennis skills, at whatever level this might be.

I am really enthusiastic about getting players involved, who thought that it would not be possible to join in a “tennis” session, but there is always away. It might be that the player can only experience the sense of vibration from the ball on the racket or just track the ball with their eyes, but they can still be involved in a session.

I have so much fun delivering my disability tennis sessions. Personally, I really enjoy being on court playing the game. However, I am now combining my previous experiences of working as a physiotherapist with brain inured patients and my newly acquired tennis coaching skills. The combination of the two means I just love delivering disability tennis, but particularly to those who would not consider it possible to get involved.

Come and say hello at TGBBS it would be great to chat. I can put you in touch with your nearest tennis club or point you in the direction of the closet disability session. By being at TGBSS I hope to meet people who would like to become involved in disability tennis and together we can grow the sport.

Fiona Murphy
Devon Disability Tennis Network Coordinator
Double Bounce Inclusive Tennis South West CIC